The Best 5 Streetwear Stores in Houston, Texas


The Best 5 Streetwear Stores in Houston, Texas

Houston streetwear is beginning to rise in popularity and becoming a hot commodity (mainly due to the increase of popularity and growing hip-hop scene). There are dozens of streetwear stores opening to provide the Houston population with all the best from the fashion streetwear community. As the fourth largest city in the United States and biggest in Texas, Houston can seem like an intimidating place to shop and difficult place to find good fashion stores. From vintage shops, to consignment stores it is hard to choose where to get the best streetwear in Houston, so we decided to break them down and tell you about the top 5 best Houston streetwear shops in the city.

1 – Labels Vintage Streetwear || 1772, 4009 Polk St d, Houston, TX 

With one of the largest variety of rare pieces of apparel, this Houston streetwear shop focuses directly on Men’s vintage streetwear and other in-style urban attire. They are frequently stocked with the rarest articles of clothing and limited edition caps. Located in the heart of Houston, it is a store to check out if you find yourself shopping for streetwear in Houston.

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